Friday , 6 May 2016

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You are here: Home » Indians in India » Dilip Shanghvi – “Getting richer by the day”

Dilip Shanghvi – “Getting richer by the day”

Born On: 1st October 1955
Title: Founder/ M.D. Sun Pharmaceuticals

Dilip founded Sun Pharma in 1982 with a vision of being the largest Indian generic drug company in the US. The road to his destination was not smooth and he faced a lot of challenges but finally he made it to his dream and today Sun Pharma is fifth largest drug maker in India. Sanghvi himself is estimated to be worth $9.2billion as of 2012 being ranked the 5th richest person in India by Forbes.

In a very fine way he moulded himself according to the demands of the business. Coming from a commerce background, Sanghvi made an attempt to understand all the legal issues and pharmaceutical research so as to ensure better working for him.
He followed corporate governance and 13 years ago acquired a loss making company called caraco. Today sun’s sale in US post acquisition of Taro pharmaceuticals tops $500 million a year.

Shanghvi is growing by the day and has emerged as the most valuable pharma company in India. Good luck to him for his future goals!! Cheers !

Celebrated With:

2011: Forbes 11th richest Indian
2012: Forbes 5th richest Indian
Sun Pharma 5th largest pharmacy company in India

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